Dating website tips and advice for the newcomers

Dating Website tips and advice

We’ve often been asked ‘when I join a dating website’ how to I find possible partners. It’s a good question and one that we’re more than happy to answer. When you first join a dating website it can seem a little intimidating. There’s a bunch of buttons and lots of inviting text all telling you to do different things. The first thing you need to do is find people to engage with. People you like and people you think you could initiate contact with. Remember that with any dating website everybody is there for the same reason so don’t be afraid about approaching people … they want you to. Here’s 4 ways to find people:

1. Use the basic search filters. Select gender, age, location and physical preferences that attract you and then filter these wide results by favouriting or saving them to view later. (Remember that a dating website will remember where you’ve been so click with caution, to avoid unnecessary attention only click people that genuinely interest you).

2. Look at the recommended matches that the dating website throws you. Whilst these are not always accurate in the early days they do, over time, learn your taste and work in your favour. By using these selections you’ll also be teaching the match-maker what you do and don’t like so even if you think it’s not doing a good job, stick at it.

3. See who’s viewed you. On some dating websites this is a paid feature but on others you can see who’s viewed you for free. This is a powerful search method as these people, like you, are interested enough to click your profile.

4. Check out new arrivals. This sounds a bit creepy but actually makes perfect sense. After a couple of weeks on a dating site you’ll see the same old faces popping up time and time again. Try checking out the new members, these are new to the site and will be snapped up fairly quickly unless you’re quick of the mark.