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It’s a fact. Not all dating sites are the same. There’s rubbish ones, average ones and great ones and then there’s SA Online Dating. We’re the Premier Dating Site for South Africans and we’d like to think we give you the best of everything. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of members waiting to meet you. Dating sites will make all sorts of promises ( a bit like your ex-boyfriend of girlfriend eh?). They’ll promise free dating. This is often a bogus claim as they only allow you to register for free and then they’ll sting you for a subscription before the ink has dried on their welcome email. Dating sites will also promise millions of users. Although this might be true it doesn’t take into account any or your preferred search criteria. How many members does it have in Durban? How many members does it have in Edgemead in the Northern burbs of the Mother City.

Dating sites promise the earth but only one delivers exactly what it says on the tin. At SA Online Dating you can register on the site for free and view thousands of profiles for no charge at all. We do however make it clear that when you’ve selected the people you want to chat to ( and then hopefully meet ) that we ask for a few Rand so we can keep the site running. We believe in full transparency and we also think that our policy of being upfront with costs allows you to make an informed decision before joining the site. We also think that you deserve the best and we can guarantee to give you the best tools possible for finding that special person.

We’re also committed to giving you special offers every now and again to say thank-you for stopping by. To keep track off these offers it’s best to check out our social network pages. We post them on Facebook, 16Brands and Twitter so you’ll never miss another discount and you’ll always be up to date.