Dating SA – 3 Simple steps to South Africa Dating success

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Dating SA is all about strategy. It’s all too easy to join South Africa dating sites and then just shop around scatter gun style in the hope of finding somebody. You might not be surprised to hear that this technique doesn’t always work. (This is probably why you’re here in the first place right?). No, Internet Dating in South Africa require a strategy if you want to get the best out of it and you definitely need to hone those decision making skills.

1. Be clear about what you want (and don’t want) South Africa dating. If you can’t stand smokers then cross them off your list. If you want somebody with no children be absolutely clear that people with children (no matter how cute they are) is a no no. And if you really can’t stand the thought of seeing somebody more than a short walk away from your house then again, be very clear and decisive from the start. This sounds easy but when faced with a cute guy who smokes and lives 100 miles away it’s all too easy to forget your list of deal-breakers and imagine it’ll somehow be okay. It won’t. Sooner or later this will become an issue. Walk away now to avoid disappointment later.

2. Be open-minded when dating SA. Read a potential partners profile carefully. A good South Africa Dating site will provide plenty of space for creative writing so give potentials a chance by reading their carefully crafted prose (remember it took a long time for them to write so at the very least do them the honour of listening to it). Also remember to imagine a relationship with them. It’s all too easy to see their profile as black and white. Read between the lines and imagine putting all the elements together. Does it paint a pretty picture of your future life together? Dating SA is supposed to be fun. Get off on the wrong foot and it’ll soon turn sour.

3. Make contact even if you really don’t think it’s a winning combination. We’ve seen this many times. People become so fixated with the ‘perfect list’ that they forget we’re all human and rarely will anybody tick all the boxes. Have a plan to make contact to at least one person out of every 25 profiles you view, even if you’re not 100% bowled over. This will give you plenty of practice at chatting when you do find the right person.

Online dating South Africa is great fun. Just remember to have some rules and your dating SA experience will be one to savour.