Dating in South Africa with SA Online Dating

If you’re thinking of dating in South Africa there’s a host of sites to choose from. Some good and some not so good (much the same as the boys and girls on them to be honest) and more and more South Africans are moving away from family and friend introductions to meet their perfect partner and turning to number crunching in online dating to find love.

But just how effective is it and how can you put yourself in the picture and make sure you stand out from the thousands of other hopeful singles South Africa Dating waiting to meet their next partner. Apparently it’s all in your personality. Studies have shown that certain personality traits contribute hugely to whether others think you’re worth meeting (and a good catch). Clearly a bright open and positive personality is much more welcoming than somebody who hides themselves away in a darkened room (and let’s face it, dating south africa can only be a positive experience surely) but also somebody who is giving and sharing will often get more interest from the opposite sex.

As well as personality it’s also about the questions you ask when you first start chatting to prospective matches. The best approach is to keep it fairly light but interesting. Their favourite colour might be fascinating to you but kindergarden questions won’t get you very far very quickly.

Also in Online Dating avoid the interrogation approach. Learning about their previous dates in minute detail and in chronological order might appeal to your sense of “knowing if somebody is right or not” but it won’t put your prospective date at ease and you may come across as a little controlling and creepy.

Make sure than when you are chatting or messaging somebody that you read what they’ve written and show that you understand and respect their point of view. When dating you don’t have to be Albert Einstein but show a little bit of emotional intelligence and it’ll go a long long way in securing a first and possibly second date.

Above all try and sound interested in them and what they have to say. You’ll get no points for the me, me, me approach when online dating even if you do think you’re the best thing since sliced bread.