Dating in Cape Town this Christmas time?

We’re getting very excited about Christmas here in the SA Online Dating offices but why is Christmas a good time for Dating in Cape Town and why is it that every year we see many many more romances blossoming over the christmas and new year period. Is it coincidence or is there something in the air at this time of the year which makes people more open to love, romance and online dating. 

Generally people are feeling more relaxed (even without the obligatory intake of alcohol normally associated with the festive period). Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is a completely different proposition from Northern Hemisphere festivities. Instead of wearing a thousand layers of clothes in sub-zero weather and sipping warm red wine (why do people do this?) South Africans get to wear less clothes and relax on our extended holidays. In fact for many South Africans we don’t have to work (that hard) so there’s really nothing better to do than look for love. It’s also a great time of year for making resolutions, putting all the bad stuff from the previous year in a box and hiding it under the bed and getting all the good stuff together and trying to build on that.

Christmas, in a way, is the pre-amble or the foreplay to the new year when we want to confirm changes and create new optimism in our loves. There’s now so many Cape Town Singles that if all of them share the same enthusiasm for and optimism then only positive things are set to happen. Combine that optimism with the great weather, long holidays and seasonal festivities and you can see why Cape Town Dating is at it’s utmost peak during the Christmas and new year season.

So our advice would be to get an extra big bunch of mistletoe this year and login to SAOnlineDating because if you play your cards right it could be a great time for Dating in Cape Town.