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What happens when you start dating Africa? (We’re talking Africa the country not Africa the girl with the exotic sounding name !!). The first thing that happens is you get confused about which dating Africa site you should join. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Your criteria is probably the same of most other people. You want the site to be free and you want it to find your perfect partner within seconds of joining. You also want it to provide a life-time guarantee that if your perfect partner doesn’t turn out to be as perfect as you thought then you can return them, no questions asked. Yes, of course we can do that for you. Ok … back in the real world it takes time and effort to achieve all of that. However by dating Africa with SA Online dating you can be assured that you’ve got the best team on your side to make your dreams a reality.

Did you know that the global dating industry is now worth an estimated $2bn. That means there’s a whole lot of lonely hearts out there just waiting to say hi. So once you’ve registered on the site what’s next? Well the first and possibly the most important thing is to add a photo. By adding a great photo of yourself you’re really giving yourself the best opportunity for success. Finding a picture shouldn’t be too difficult either. Due to the increase of social networking sites such as Facebook, 16Brands and Twitter you should already have your ‘standard’ profile picture ready to go. This will do for a while but for the best results we recommend uploading as many photos as you can. Statistically speaking you’re more likely to receive messages if you have a photo. In fact if you have 5 photos or more then you’re over 25x more likely to receive contact from people. Think of it like this … the more time they spend looking at your photos, the more chance you have of persuading them you’re worth chatting too. Sign up for free now and good luck.