Choosing the best Dating sites in South Africa

Dating sites in South Africa can be sometimes strange to fathom! Why do women act differently from men. Why are men seemingly be less picky than women when it comes down to dating. Website data shows that men will wink. nudge and contact women much more than women will do to men.

So on the face of it men are less picky about the women they date. Maybe they are playing the law of averages that says for every 10 women you approach, on average 1 might bite ( not literally ). Darwins theory of evolution claims that men are less picky because of the scarcity of ova and the multitude of sperm. The so-called parental investment theory states that men invest less time in children therefore making them less selective with who they have relationships with.

This theory has been tested in recent years with studies showing that it’s less to do with this theory than it is with social acceptance of what women and men should be doing. Women who date a lot are seen as promiscuous whilst men are applauded. However, common sense states that there must be more equality than meets the eye. After all it takes two to tango. In fact studies show that men have on average 4.4 partners whilst women are not too far behind on 4.1. This also supports the fact that both women and men bend the truth when it comes down to how many partners they’ve had.

What all this means for online dating sites in South Africa is that women shouldn’t be afraid about being forward and making the first move. Whilst it’s socially unexpected in traditional circles dating online changes these perceptions. No, actually Dating in South Africa challenges and breaks down these old fashioned ideas. Let’s be honest, by not ‘looking around’ you’re actually limiting your chances of finding the perfect guy.

So come on girls, throw off all that natural selection history and and throw caution to the wind. Throw your net wide and far and see what happens. WIth online dating the worst thing you’ll get is an overcrowded inbox and let’s be honest. It’s not the worst thing in the world is it.