Cape Town Singles need Cape Town Dating

Cape Town singles don’t need to worry. Research shows that approximately 37% of single people have used some form of dating site with approximately 17% of them finding a long-term partner. The digital revolution is far from over and as internet usage in South Africa increases with nearly 8.5 million now online the trend is set to continue. Another trend which helps people find love is the use of mobile web browsers and tablets. Research has also shown that casual Cape Town Singles prefer to use ‘play-time’ when looking for love. What this means is that they prefer to surf and chat whilst sitting on the couch and usually on their tablet, hand-held or mobile phone.

This is all great news as SA Online Dating is geared up and capable of giving you a great leisure time experience wherever you use us. 

Okay so you’ve decided that Cape Town Dating is for you and you’ve registered your details (which is super simple by the way!) and you’re sitting down for your first session full of expectation and excitement of what’s to come. However as time continues you get less and less excited as either a) you’re being nudged, winked or contacted by lots of people you wouldn’t even say hello to, let alone date or you’re not being contacted at all.

The first problem is a nice problem to have. Generally speaking if you’re Dating in Cape Town and being contacted alot it means you’re a hotty and you’ll have no problems filtering the good prospects from the not to good ones. If, however, you’re not getting any contacts at all then you might want to try refining your search (maybe you’re aiming too high) or maybe you haven’t uploaded a photo of you looking your best or maybe  you haven’t entered the minimum information requirements. Whatever it is, just hang in there, play around by tweaking things and then in no time you’ll start getting contacted from the right sort of people.