Cape Town Dating for beginners – A rough guide

So you’ve been wandering around the V&A Waterfront by yourself or maybe you’ve been casually driving through Camps Bay or Bakoven on your way home or you might even have been to Sundowners at La Med after work. If you’re currently in a relationship you might sometimes wish that you were one of the thousands of Cape Town Singles because you could park your car or maybe wander over and start chatting to the potential girl ( or boy ) of your dreams. ( This time of year in Cape Town there’s some beautiful people around right? ). 

Okay so in your dreams you’ve met the perfect partner. Now wake up and smell the coffee. The chances of you stumbling into your perfect partner are so remote that it’s really not worth thinking about. So this knowledge makes it doubly worse … driving through Camps Bay, everyone looks happy, together and exactly where you would like to be. So how do you get there? How do you get to the promised land and become one of those happy couples that other people look at and aspire too?

Simple! You start Dating in Cape Town by joining SA Online Dating then you can search the thousands of beautiful Cape Town Singles we have online who are all in the same boat as you and looking for love. The steps to success are simple.

  1. Register online – Cape Town Dating is only 20 mins away
  2. Upload fantastic photos. The more photos you have and the more time you spend finding brilliant ones will reap benefits in the long run. Online Dating in Cape Town is easy with so many great photo opportunities at hand.
  3. Start a broad search and then narrow your search until you find a handful of people who match your criteria.
  4. Contact them. If you’re a free member this could be via a wink or a nudge or if you’re a premium member (this is the surefire method to finding love) you could send them a message.
  5. Start your relationship online. It’s cheap, safe and you can ask all tricky questions in the comfort of your own home.
  6. Meet in the real world. Make sure the first date is in a public place, that you both travel there independently (DO NOT jump in there car on the first date!) and don’t drink too much alcohol.