Cape Town Dating – Does the matching really work?

For some reason when you join a dating site you assume, because it’s a computer, that it’s showing you the best Cape Town Singles it has available to show. That somehow because you’ve typed blonde, between 25-35 with an athletic figure who lives in the Camps Bay area that it’s going to show you the perfect partner straight away. The bad news is that this might not be what happens. The trouble is that computers can only filter information that users has physically entered into their profile. They can’t, for example, know that you’re the funniest girl in class or the alpha-male of the group or that you have a birthmark in the shape of Justin Bieber on your left shoulder! These are attributes it won’t pick up.

There are also problems with Cape Town Dating in that users who only enter half or none of the required fields will only have a limited amount of information in which to pull the search results from. So if the love of your life hasn’t completed their profile and has omitted information about their height, body type and hair colour then chances are they won’t appear in your search results for your given criteria.

We, at SA Online Dating, always recommend you complete your profile as much as you can and never leave any boxes empty. We’re not asking for your inside leg measurement but we are asking you to give people enough accurate information on which to find you. Having an accurate and complete profile is almost as important as having a photograph. People with no photo are viewed in searches 50% less, mostly due to the filtering on search results which allows you to ‘only view profiles with photos. This works in exactly the same way for your search fields, if you don’t add them then you can’t be found. So the best way to find what you’re looking for on Cape Town Dating sites is to be persistent, start your search wide and then narrow down. If you don’t find what you’re after on the first 2 or 3 searches then change tack and search for something else that doesn’t include the previous attributes. ie If you’re searching for height and hair colour then after a while try searching for marital status and whether they smoke or drink. The reason for this is that you’re never too sure which fields your potential matches have completed and which ones they haven’t.