The best Online Dating Services in South Africa

There’s a multitude of online dating services in South Africa but how do you tell which is a good, reliable and a trustworthy website? The answer is possibly simpler than you might think.

Just ask yourself a very simple question. Is the Online Dating Service well designed or does it look like somebody knocked it up in their back room. Chances are that if it’s the latter then they probably did ‘knock it up’ in their backroom. They’ll be working to a very tight budget and won’t have the skills financial investment to provide the same kind of service as a well designed, well thought through and feature rich online dating service.

Reputable Online Dating Services in South Africa spend hundreds of thousands of Rands each year making your online dating experience as enjoyable as they can. Our very own SA Online Dating website itself has approximately 4 million singles worldwide all looking for single men and women.

As well as looking at whether the site is well designed also check the features it offers. Basic sites will only offer search. ie allow you to search for single women and single men in your area. They won’t offer things like Instant Messaging or Video chat or ways to wink or nudge prospective love matches.

Also check whether when you subscribe that you actually talk to the people you like without them having to be premium members also. On some of the bigger sites you BOTH have to be members where-as on some of the medium (and in our opinion, more caring online dating services) only one of you has to be a member on the site in order to hold a conversation.

And finally how helpful is the help section. Is there somebody you can call if you get stuck or if you need help with your profile. Is there any way or method to report members who might be posting inappropriate material and is there anyway to share the site with your friends in confidence. All these things, although trivial to some actually indicate whether the site is constantly monitored and cared for by a friendly team or whether it’s just a money making machine at your expense.

If you have any doubts about the online dating services you are choosing then don’t worry, just sign up to SA Online Dating and rest assured that we will look after you and make your dating experience a fun and happy one.