How to tell when somebody fancies you with online dating

How to tell someone fancies you online

We’ve all heard or read somewhere about the tell-tale signs that somebody might be interested in you. From the obvious body language signs of ‘crossing their legs in your direction’ to ‘licking their lips and playing with their hair’ to the more extreme and harder to read sign of completely ignoring you. This latter sign is particularly hard to spot as there’s always the danger that they might actually not like you at all. It’s a fine line between love and hate so tread carefully otherwise you could, at best, make a fool of yourself and at worst illicit some kind of restraining order. Both of which don’t look good on your CV for potential online matches.

So we know the signs offline but what about online dating? How can I tell that somebody might be interested when I can’t physically see them crossing their legs or playing with their hair. What are the money signs that somebody is flirting with me.

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Give online dating a go. You might even get a drink out of it!

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It’s easy to be negative about online dating. It’s the last chance saloon right? The place where people go just before they give up for good. The last throw of the dice.

Well no, not really. For many people it’s actually their first option. It’s easy, convenient, can be entered into on the spur of the moment and can deliver almost instant results. Just think about it. How else could you find a few thousand single men and women for just a few rand? At the local bar, at work, through friends? I don’t think so.

Traditional dating is like shopping at the local corner store. The choice is limited and let’s face it you’ve seen the same stock a thousand times. Online dating is like shopping at a giant mall. It’s got something for everyone and there’s a constant cycle of new products (people) so it never gets boring.

When you start online dating you just need to change your pre-conceived notion of what it is. Instead of thinking that’s its a place for losers. Imagine it’s a place for highly successful and motivated people who are just too busy to meet people by conventional means. Imagine it being a place for smart people who know that the best place to find love is a place where people are looking for it. ie there’s a captive audience just waiting to hear from you.

By just slightly shifting your perceptions you’ll be sending out positive energy to possible dates. Couple this attitude with multiple photos of you looking happy, attractive and friendly and you’ll become a magnet for the opposite sex. Just look at it from their perspective. Do you think they’d be falling over themselves to meet you if you had rubbish photos, a negative biography and a dour outlook that sad, “I’m actually really too cool for this site, I don’t know why I’m here”.

Just embrace online dating for the short time (hopefully) that you’re there. Go with the flow, enjoy and who knows, you might even get a drink out of it.

How do you know when she’s the one?

Is she the one?

We can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that spotting the wrong one is easy. Initially it’s looks. She’s just not your type, her hair is too long, too short, too brown, too blonde. Her body type is too curvy, not curvy enough and she’s a giant of a woman or a midget depending on your own stature.

But how do you know when she’s the right one? How do you spot that? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a giant flashing neon arrow above her head saying, “Hey dufus, don’t screw this one up because she’s the best your ever gonna get … and yes … she’s the one”. Or maybe an electric shock system that instantly focused your desire towards her and switched off your desire for … well … pretty much everything else on the dating site. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

But no, even in 2014 and with the most sophisticated online dating algorithms on the planet there’s still no way of knowing. So we males are left scratching our heads and wondering if we are staring at our once in a lifetime bingo moment of love.  Read more »

It’s the silly season for online dating

silly season for dating

It’s that time of year again when we gear ourselves up for the party season. The traditional month-long build up to Christmas when anything goes. The time of year when we drink too much, we eat too much and we do things (normally at the Christmas party) that will be talked about for years to come.

The thought of entering into a serious relationship just before Christmas is just that, a thought! Sure it’d be nice to be seen with a beau on your arm at this time of year but realistically it’s not going to happen.

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Manage your expectations for online dating success

Online Dating Expectations

There’s no doubting that online dating is here to stay. A couple of years ago the statistics reported that 1 in 5 couples met through online dating. Today the figure is closer to 1 in 3 with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon and looking for love online.

So is it worth the effort? Is online dating all it’s cracked up to be and is it really the best way to find love in 2013.

The answer really depends on your expectations. Are they set too high? Do you imagine online dating to be a giant department store where you can choose exactly what you like from thousands of products, take it home, try it on and then return it if it doesn’t quite fit. OR do you see it as a place where you can be somebody else for a while. A place where, behind the comfort of your browser window, you can create the perfect alter-ego and be somebody you’ve always wanted to be. You might present yourself as being taller, funnier, better looking or richer in the hope of finding the ultimate prize.

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40% of couples are introduced by friends

Here at SA Online Dating we’ve just launched a fun little facebook app that let’s you secretly play matchmaker with your friends. The idea is to broaden users social circles and introduce them to the concept of online dating in a safe, friendly, fun and non-committment way. is not a dating site it’s just a site that allows your friends to match you with their other friends. Its totally secret too so if you don’t want to see your matches you don’t have too. Read more »

Why pay for online dating in South Africa

Online dating in South Africa is a growing trend with more and more people jumping at the chance of meeting like minded singles. However for the vast majority of single South Africans the thought of online dating isn’t one they are prepared to consider. In recent surveys we conducted at SA Online Dating we found that the vast majority of people who engage with us on Facebook have no intention of joining for one reason or another. However when we posed the question “If online dating was 100% free would you join” we received a resounding yes from everybody who replied.

Interestingly among the male respondents of the question “Have you ever used Online Dating?” almost all of them replied that the reason they hadn’t was because there were too many men. Read more »

Find your perfect match with SA Online Dating

The internet has become part and parcel of our lives. The use of the internet is inevitable and we rely on it for the smallest of things and also to find solutions for the biggest of problems. We use it to keep in touch with people, to buy and sell products and also for dating. Yes, online dating is not only in vogue but has innumerable advantages too.

These dating websites are a boon for all the shy people who find it difficult to interact with people face to face. Since this method of dating does not involve meeting your date, it makes it easy for such people to explore and find the right match. Once you are comfortable with a person you can always go ahead and meet in person. Secondly by registering on a dating website, you get the opportunity to meet a lot of people and this is the best way to find someone who is just right for you. These dating sites also give you a huge choice. You can filter profiles of other members and choose to date the ones who match your temperament. Where else would you get an option to choose your perfect date!

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Why do we like free dating websites – part 3

Free Dating Websites Part 3

The best free dating websites allow you to exchange lots of information with potential partners. They’ll let you upload unlimited photos, wink, nudge and some even allow you to email for free which means you can get to know somebody pretty well before even being in the same room. Of course, there’s no amount of online chitty chat that will tell you if there’s physical chemistry. For that part you’ll just have to bite the bullet and meet them. Yes, I know this is a hard concept to grasp but sooner or later you’ll have to meet them, in the flesh to see if that spark is purely an online thing or there really is potential. Overall though free dating websites give you a good firm basis for making choices and save a whole lot of time. Read more »

Why do we like free dating websites – part 2

Free Dating Websites Part 2

It’s true that there are some people who are only online for the short-term gain and that their agenda is less than romantic. However don’t worry, research has shown that these kinds of people are few and far between and for the most part everybody on free dating websites are there for the same reason as you. The problem with real life and why dating online is now so attractive is this very reason. In days gone by you may have been attracted to somebody but before you could even make contact you have to find out if they are single and ready to date. Today you can be more upfront about what you want as all members will be looking for the same thing.

In real life it’s hard to say ‘this is working out for me’. Especially after the first, second or third dates. Even harder when one half of the relationship is smitten and doesn’t feel the lack of chemistry. Trying to tell a puppy to never come back is hard to do. Online it’s much easier. If you feel things aren’t going the way you want them too then it’s easy just to pull the plug ignore them. This of course works both ways so be warned. Free dating websites generally don’t give out personal information so if you decide things are working out there’s no recrimination, less guilt and always the benefit that they (and you) can move on within the click of a mouse. There’s no waiting for the phone to ring with online dating, it’s a short, sharp and painless end. This culture of quick relationships of course has a much wider impact. Did you know that around 60% of relationships now end with a simple text message!