Are dating sites all the same? We look inside online dating.

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Yes and no. Yes they all promise love, romance, friendship but no they are not all the same. Dating sites, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. There’s dating sites for almost every niche possible. We’ve seen vegan dating sites, elitest ‘only good looking people allowed’ dating sites and we’ve even seen ‘just ginger haired people’ dating websites. Of course the more niche you make your site then the less matches there’ll be. I can’t imagine there’s thousands of ginger-haired lovers in Gauteng for example!

Not only do you have the ‘appearance based’ niche sites you also have the hobbiest dating sites. Think of any hobby and there’s probably a dating site out there. Model airplane dating? Star wars dating? Knitting fanatics dating? Okay that might be pushing it but seriously where there’s a hobby or niche there’s a potential to make a few rand from people wanting to meet like minded others.

Although these online dating sites seem different on the outside they are, in fact all pretty much the same. It might surprise you to know that lots of these sites are powered by what we call dating engines. These are giant databases that spit out profiles by the thousands. Some of these databases have millions of members which means if you want to set up a Jewish dating site all you need to do is segment the database to only display Jewish people. By doing this you can easily create a niche site. You can then promote it and in essence, establish a stand-alone business.

This method is called white labelling and it’s something that we, SA Online Dating, also do. We are powered by global personals, a huge database of online daters from all over the world. The great advantage is that you are more likely, as a user, to meet somebody because people are joining, not only on our site but several hundred other sites all over Africa. This gives you lots more choice and allows us to match you quicker and faster.