40% of couples are introduced by friends


Here at SA Online Dating we’ve just launched a fun little facebook app that let’s you secretly play matchmaker with your friends. The idea is to broaden users social circles and introduce them to the concept of online dating in a safe, friendly, fun and non-committment way. oboodo.com is not a dating site it’s just a site that allows your friends to match you with their other friends. Its totally secret too so if you don’t want to see your matches you don’t have too.

Online Dating has long been frowned upon by respectable adults so we thought we’d try and lighten the whole experience, take it back to the schoolyard “my mate really fancies you” and give it a twist where-by all the matches you make are completely secret so you can see who your friends think you’d like but not who suggested them. The reason they are secret is so there’s no repercussions should the match or relationship not work for either of them.

The app is available as a built-in facebook app, a stand-alone website or a mobile (non-native) app which basically means it’s a fully responsive website that can be viewed on any device, whether tablet, desktop or mobile.

At the moment the app is free to play but as soon as we reach a certain point we’ll switch it to the classic freemium model where-by users will be charged a nominal fee to access premium content, in this case the premium content will be to unlock their matches.

The app is primarily aimed at the 15-20 demographic but there’s no reason why more mature people can’t get involved and help out their single friends. We’ve chosen the younger demographic initially as they are the ‘content hungry’ generation who will gladly just sit and digest digital apps all day. If they like something they’ll shout about it and if they shout about it the whole world will know. The app is designed to be fun … it’s designed to be shareable and it’s designed to give people young and old a sense of ‘somebody’ likes me. Afterall your friends know you better than anybody right? Visit https://apps.facebook.com/oboodoapp or www.oboodo.com today and give it a go and tell us what you think.